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Ending Homelessness in Toronto

Ending Homelessness in Toronto

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Homelessness is a complex problem that demands a response from governments, service providers, service recipients and the community at large. Fred Victor’s commitment to ending homelessness is illustrated through our leadership in the ZeroTO collective impact initiative.

We also strive to support each and every person that is on a journey out of homelessness. Whether it is providing safe and affordable housing units, addressing issues around mental health and addiction, or connecting individuals and families to other support services, we are there to provide tangible solutions that lead to positive outcomes.

This is the impact we have on a day-to-day basis in the fight to end homelessness in Toronto:

Impact on Homelessness

In Toronto, there are over 10,000 people who are homeless on any given night. Our shelters are more than just a place to sleep – they offer necessities such as laundry facilities and hygiene supplies to all who come through the door. They also provide support related to health care, information and referral, housing access, and advocacy.

  • 2370 people received safe shelter, food, and support at 5 Fred Victor locations
  • 174 people were accommodated in 3 transitional housing programs, successfully transitioning into permanent housing within 1 year
  • 176 people were supported out of the shelter into permanent housing
  • 767 people found refuge at the Edward Village Hotel – with 65 housed by staff
  • 105 pets were welcomed into our shelters

Impact on Housing

In 2023, the City of Toronto reported 85,097 active applications on the subsidized housing waitlist. The lack of affordable housing in the city has contributed to increased emergency shelter use and the overall homelessness crisis. Fred Victor is a leader in helping people secure and maintain a safe place to live.

  • 18, 689 contacts made (in person and virtual) with Housing Access and Support Services clients
  • 580 people live in safe permanent Fred Victor Housing
  • 263 people secured housing
  • 97% of people maintained their housing over the last 24 month
  • 44 residents entered transitional housing at 145 Queen St. E with 8 moving to permanent housing

Impact on Health

According to City data, 187 people experiencing homelessness died in Toronto last year. We provide appropriate and effective health services – addressing substance use, mental health challenges, physical injuries, food insecurity, social isolation, and other health-related issues.

  • 225,997 community meals served at Moss Park and Regent Park
  • 94,957 information and referral contacts at the 145 Queen St. E. Drop-In Program
  • 15,832 attendees at 400+ health promotion groups, including suicide intervention
  • 35,109 visits were made to our safe consumption site with 460 overdoses reversed
  • 1297 people received Mental Health and Addictions Case Management support
  • 652 people were diverted out of the Criminal Justice System to mental health services
  • 92 youth experiencing psychosis received support through the Early Intervention program

Impact on Income

Financial stability is integral to securing and maintaining a safe place to live – which is why Fred Victor continues to support people in finding meaningful and sustainable employment.

Our Employment & Training Services team found creative ways to build engagement with participants online. They also incorporated digital skill-building, and a virtual Code of Conduct to ensure a positive learning environment for all.

  • 4,358 times people accessed Employment and Training Services
  • 85% of clients achieved income stability
  • 175 people found work or started formal education through Employment and Training Services
  • 96 clients were hired as Fred Victor peer workers
  • 24 women completed The Women’s Bakery program; 87% of whom went on to employment or further education
  • 120 people received certification in Community and Social Services careers

Impact on Community

Many of the residents we serve have histories of poverty, homelessness, and trauma – and face multiple barriers including food insecurity and social isolation. Fred Victor strives to address these challenges by creating opportunities for people to connect and contribute to positive change in their community.

  • 5580+ volunteer hours contributed by 343 volunteers across all programs and services
A man is happy and proud to have a place to call home. Your donations help people who are homeless.

Anthony’s Story

It wasn’t long after Anthony lost his job that he found himself without a roof over his head. At a Fred Victor-run respite shelter, Anthony met housing worker Jobin Francis. With Jobin’s assistance, he moved into a single, furnished basement room within a few months. Anthony remarked that it felt like a huge weight was off his chest when he signed the year-long lease for his room. With a stable home base, he was able to begin looking for work again.
A serene image of Alma, wearing a white shirt, seated in front of a captivating yellow wall.

Alma’s Story

After leaving her abusive husband, Alma needed a job where she could make a living wage and still be available to care for her children in the evenings. She joined our Women’s Bakery program, and received the training and experience to secure a full-time job with Fred Victor’s Friends Catering team. Alma says, “The Women’s Bakery program helped me prove to myself and prove to my kids that we can stand on our own two feet and do everything for ourselves. It showed me that we are going to be alright."
Sarah and a man posing for a photo, smiling, in front of a blue wall.

Sarah's Story

Sarah’s battle with pain led to years of addiction and a rough life on the streets. The need to safely manage her substance use brought her to Fred Victor’s Safe Consumption Site. With the support of the caring staff, she is optimistic that she can turn her life around.
Two women, including Dominique, standing side by side in an office

Dominique's Story

Dominique had been fighting with her mother for years. After a devastating confrontation, she had to leave home. All she had was her dog Lila. Together, they entered Fred Victor’s pet-friendly shelter to begin the long search for a place of their own.
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