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Gifts Of Stocks & Securities – Tax Smart Giving

Gifts Of Stocks & Securities – Tax Smart Giving

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There are many creative and tax smart ways for you to support Fred Victor. Legacy giving allows you to designate part or all of your estate as a charitable gift in the future. And other gifts allow you to gain immediate tax credits. You can realize your philanthropic goals and have a tremendous impact on our programs and services while continuing to maintain your personal and financial objectives.

With careful and thoughtful planning, you may be able to leave a larger gift than you ever thought possible.

Below are some of the options you may wish to discuss with your family or financial advisor.


A charitable bequest is the most common type of legacy gift. It is written directly into your will, remains private until your will is filed, and does not affect your assets or cash flow because it isn’t payable until after your death. And, other than the cost of preparing a will, there is no additional cost in making this generous gift. Should you change your mind at any time, you simply need to revise your will.

To make a bequest, you can:

  • give a percentage of your estate to Fred Victor
  • leave a specific dollar amount to Fred Victor
  • provide for the needs of loved ones and leave the remaining balance to Fred Victor

Gifts of publicly-listed stock and securities

Stocks or bonds converted to cash are typically subject to a capital gain tax. But because of recent changes to income tax regulations, donating your publicly-listed security means you pay no capital gains tax on their increase in value.

Making a gift of stock or securities is particularly appropriate for donors who hold stocks or securities that have risen in value and who want to maximize their charitable deduction without affecting their liquidity.

Listed securities can include:

  • shares listed on most Canadian and some foreign stock exchanges
  • prescribed debt obligations
  • shares of the capital stock of a Canadian public mutual fund corporation
  • units of widely held Canadian mutual fund trusts
  • interest in related segregated fund trusts

When you make this tax-smart donation to Fred Victor, you receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the donation in the amount of the closing price on the day we receive the security.

Two ways to donate:

  • Complete and return Fred Victor’s Gift of Securities Form. Please note that this form is for Fred Victor records and does not initiate the transfer of the stock or securities. Once completed, instruct your broker to transfer your stock or securities to Fred Victor’s brokerage account using the information on the form. Please notify Fred Victor before making this transfer.
  • Donate online here

Charitable gift annuities

A charitable gift annuity allows you to make a significant charitable gift while still receiving the income generated by your assets. This gift allows you to support Fred Victor while receiving a guaranteed annual income for life that can be largely or entirely tax-free.

Gifts of life insurance

Designating Fred Victor as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy is an economical way for you to give a larger and more lasting gift to Fred Victor. If structured correctly, your gift will not be included in the value of your estate and therefore, you will avoid probate fees.


Designating Fred Victor as the beneficiary of remaining RRSPs and RRIFs means these assets are transferred directly from the financial institution to Fred Victor and your estate receives a tax credit to offset the tax on the income. Since the asset passes outside the estate, no probate fees are payable, which results in further savings to your estate and maximizes the potential of your remaining RRSPs or RRIFs.

Charitable remainder trusts

A charitable remainder trust is a deferred giving arrangement under which you may transfer property (cash, securities, or real estate) to a trustee. You and/or your beneficiaries retain the right to the income from the trust either for life or for a specified number of years. Fred Victor receives whatever remains in the trust after the specified term, or after the death of the last beneficiary.

For more information about any type of tax-smart giving, please contact:

Marie MacCormack
VP, Philantrophy and Communications
(416) 364-8228 ext. 1388

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