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Beautiful young woman taking a hand of a nice poor woman while inviting her to come inside

Six Tips On How You Can Help Homeless During The Cold Months

Winters in Canada can be cruel. When there’s sub-zero temperatures, or a snowstorm, or icy road conditions, it’s a struggle to be outside even for a short amount of time. […]

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A homeless person sitting on the street wrapped in sleeping bag

Homeless in Canada: Important Facts About Homelessness You Need to Know

There are many reasons why people become homeless in Canada – loss of employment, family break-up, family violence, mental illness, poor physical health, substance use, physical, sexual or emotional abuse […]

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homeless person on the street

7 Common Causes of Homelessness

Over 9,200 individuals are homeless in  Toronto every night. This doesn’t even begin to reflect the true number of people without an address that live in the GTA and the […]

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October 10th is World Homeless Day

World Homeless Day 2019

For 125 years, it has been our mission to help people on that journey. On World Homeless Day, we share the stories of Maya, Julian, Dorothea and Terrance

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Homeless man sitting on the stairs and holding a sign

Everyday Myths About the Homeless – Debunked

Over 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness on a given night. For the rest of the population, the circumstances of homelessness are often misunderstood. It’s time we debunk the most common myths […]

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