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Statement on Anti-Muslim Attack in London, Ontario

We are beyond horrified by the brutal anti-Muslim attack in London, Ontario last week. The killing of four family members, motivated by Islamophobia and hate, has underscored the deep-seated racism […]

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Homeless man sitting in a hot summer day

Seven Ways You Can Help The Homeless During Hot Weather

As restrictions are lifted and the city begins to re-open, things seem to be getting better. But for people experiencing homelessness, the crisis continues. And as we are entering hot […]

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Group of teddy bears sitting in a window set up for mourning 215 indigenous children

Fred Victor’s Statement on 215 Indigenous Children

We grieve with the families and communities directly impacted by this tragic discovery, and we stand in solidarity with all Indigenous peoples working toward truth, justice and reconciliation.

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Afro Canadian Woman Sitting Depressed

Women and Homelessness

As we continue to persevere and adapt to the challenges of Covid-19, it is important that we acknowledge the added hardships that women, girls and gender diverse peoples experiencing homelessness must face on a daily basis.

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Fatima house by Fred Victor - exterior

Homeless Women Receive Warm Welcome from Community

As International Women’s Day approaches, 25 local women will celebrate by moving into their new home. As a charity that is committed to ending homelessness we are happy to welcome […]

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Help homeless during hot weather

Help Homeless People Beat The Heat Safely.

As restrictions are lifted and the city begins to re-open, things seem to be getting better. But for people experiencing homelessness, the crisis continues.

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LGBTQ2S+ Community and Homelessness

Toronto’s LGBTQ2S+ community is one of the most prominent demographics experiencing homelessness.

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7 Reasons the Homeless Need Your Help to Survive COVID-19

There are over 9,000 people who don’t have a place to call home on any given night. What the current viral outbreak has effectively done is highlight just how precarious the lives of homeless people really are.

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A homeless man is begging on the street

Negative Perceptions Hurt: Attitudes Toward The Homeless

Perceptions of homeless people very often are inaccurate and always negative. It’s time to end prejudice against homeless people.

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Homeless Woman Sitting on the street

8 Challenges Homeless Women Face Every Day

Homelessness definitely has a stereotype: a single, adult male asking for change on the city streets. However, women make up 27.3% of the overall homeless population in Canada. Here are […]

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Close up portrait of old homeless

Why Don’t The Homeless Just Go Home?

There are many reasons why people become homeless: losing your job; family break-up; family violence; mental illness; poor physical health; substance use; physical, sexual or emotional abuse – to name […]

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Homeless couple in the underground

Homeless Couples: We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

Many people have the misconception that homeless people don’t experience romantic attraction or need the emotional support of a partner. homeless people are just like everyone else — they meet and fall in and out of love, date people, and support each other.

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Homeless man sitting and holding a sign

“Just Get a Job” Why It’s Not That Easy: Homelessness and Mental Health

Very often, the condition of people’s mental health makes it impossible to obtain and keep a job.

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A homeless man wearing a Santa hat asks for help while sitting on the street.

What’s It Like to Be Homeless for the Holidays?

Holidays are about bright lights, the season’s festivities and spending time with friends and family. But for the 10,000 + Torontonians experiencing homelessness, it can be the most difficult time of the year.

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Homeless man sleeping on the street with his dog

The Truth About Homeless People And Their Pets You Need To Know

Streets are a scary place to be. A pet can be the one thing that gives a person the courage to face each day. Having a pet to provide companionship, protection, and love can be a major contributing factor whether someone survives or not.

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A girl is sitting in front of computer

Fred’s Walk and Why You Need to Participate

Fred’s Walk is one of Fred Victor’s most significant fundraisers for the year; in 2019 we brought together over 100 participants!

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