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Health Services

Health Services

According to the 2007 Street Health report, 75% of people experiencing homelessness are enduring one or more physical health conditions, and one third had a physical or mental health condition that was keeping them from finding stable housing.

Through our own work, we have seen the negative health effects of poverty, chronic instability and homelessness.

Fred Victor strives to provide appropriate and effective health services for community members – addressing substance addiction, mental health challenges, physical injuries, social isolation and other health-related issues through the following programs and services:

Health Promotion
Our Health Promotion staff work with groups and organizations in the planning, development and delivery of services. The team also provides education, and develops and disseminates information about mental health issues, services and resources.
Food Services
Increases people’s access to healthy and nutritious food, and provides training and meaningful social and economic opportunity. Friends Restaurant offers free and low-cost wholesome meals for people who use Fred Victor programs and services. Learn more.
Mental Health
Fred Victor offers a number of support and outreach services to enable people with severe mental health challenges to live dignified and fulfilled lives. Our staff works in a client-directed partnership to build relationships founded on trust, mutual respect and collaboration. Learn more.
Harm Reduction
Harm Reduction is a realistic, public health approach to reducing the harmful physical and mental effects of prolonged substance use. This involves in counselling, support groups, and educational workshops that help people get control of their lives even as they continue to use substances. Learn more.
Mental Health and Justice
Fred Victor Mental Health and Justice programs assist people who are experiencing mental illnesses and who have been charged with low-risk criminal offences. A mental health court worker, in collaboration with the accused, develop a diversion plan which includes psychiatric assessments, securing resources to meet basic needs and finding short or long-term community support. Learn more.
Concurrent Disorders Support Services
Fred Victor is the lead agency in this agency referral network for people with both mental illness and substance addiction in Toronto. Concurrent Disorders Support Services (CDSS) offers a high-degree of support to its clients by helping them fast-track and navigate the system. Learn more.
Drop-Ins & Community Programs
We offer several programs that provide opportunities for people to make a contribution, to connect with others, and to be part of a larger community. These community programs also provide basic needs such as clothing and nutritious meals, education and training, and support around housing, health, legal, immigration, income, mental health and addiction. Learn more.

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