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Housing and Shelters in Toronto

Housing and Shelters in Toronto

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We provide housing and shelter for men, women and families who live in extreme poverty, are marginally housed or are homeless. Our housing initiatives include:

Covid-19 Response
To ensure our client safety, capacity at our shelters has been reduced by half. To continue to meet immediate needs, we have set up a temporary shelter for up to 250 people at the Edward Hotel. Learn more.
Affordable Housing
Our affordable housing sites provide accommodations to individuals and families. Staff onsite offer support by providing information about programs and services, and connecting residents to doctors, dentists, legal help, trainings, employment opportunities and other supports. Learn more.
Transitional Housing
Transitional housing helps people who have histories of homelessness, addiction, or periods of incarceration – to find and keep a home. For up to one year, residents receive intensive support for daily living from our staff in preparation for moving into permanent housing. Learn more.
Women's Transition to Housing
Women’s Transition to Housing is designed to prevent one-time shelter users from becoming chronic/long-term users by providing privacy, safety and all the supports necessary to quickly re-house women within a span of 12 months. Learn more.
Fred Victor operates two emergency shelters that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both offer short-term beds for homeless and low-income people and provide access to laundry facilities, hygiene supplies, and information and referral to other supports and services. Learn more.
Emergency Respite Centre
This is a low-barrier refuge for vulnerable individuals who may not otherwise access conventional shelter services – and are one of the primary entry points to help people begin the process of finding and securing housing. The site is staffed 24/7, and provides a safe place to rest, get a meal, and find service referrals. Learn more.
Supports To Daily Living
Fred Victor staff support active living and stable housing for 14 women on fixed incomes in a building owned by the All Saints Church Homes for Tomorrow Society. In addition to mental health considerations, the female tenants have lived on the street and depended on the limited options available at food banks for nutrition.
Housing Access Support Services
Fred Victor’s Housing Access and Support Services workers act as a bridge between people who are experiencing homelessness and a network of affordable housing sites and landlords. This team houses more than 50 people every year. Learn more.
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