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Zero Homelessness in Toronto

Can we end homelessness in Toronto? Absolutely! This is a bold and ambitious goal but we believe by mobilizing our community and working together it can be achieved.

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Fred Victor has a strong working relationship with the City of Toronto and is well positioned to partner with federal and provincial departments to realize new public housing goals.

For the first time in over 50 years all three levels of government have committed to housing. This year, the federal government announced sweeping new initiatives. They will need experienced, proven partners like Fred Victor to deliver to their vision to reduce homelessness across the country by 50%.

While emergency services will always be necessary because of emergencies, trauma and personal crisis, preventing people from becoming homeless in the first place, and rehousing people who are already homeless is both the humane and fiscally sound thing to do.

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Ending homelessness means that everyone is sheltered and no one is homeless for more than 30 days in our City.

Fred Victor is a member of Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness (TAEH) – a community-based collective impact initiative. In May 2018, the TAEH launched the ZERO TO campaign to end chronic homelessness in Toronto. It is based on work being done internationally along the Build For Zero model – a framework for communities to redesign their local systems in order to effectively negate chronic homelessness.

The campaign has the goal of reaching zero homelessness by 2025.


Housing First Approach

We work to quickly house people who are homeless.
The longer a person or family remains homeless, the worse their health becomes.

More Housing Units

We create new affordable housing units.
By working with government and builders, we help everyone in the City to have a safe and affordable place to call home.

New Resources

We advocate for housing benefits.
From our on-the-ground work with people who face severe housing affordability issues, we see they need benefits, tax credits and other ways to narrow the affordability gap.

Community Mobilization

We engage our communities in ending homelessness.
By sharing what works, learning from each other and challenging each other, we find innovative, long-lasting solutions to ending homelessness.
If you would like to learn more about ZERO TO, please read the whole plan here.
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Fred Victor is committed to ending homelessness in Toronto.
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