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Women’s Bakery

Women’s Bakery

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The growing number of women in Toronto without good jobs is a major factor contributing to the increase in women experiencing homelessness.

The Women’s Bakery is a program for women who are seeking empowering training and employment opportunities. Participants gain practical and transferable skills by working with professional bakers and facilitators. They are supported in addressing personal barriers to employment such as a lack of work experience, low education levels, English as a second language, finding childcare, housing instability, mental health challenges, transportation costs and others.

The Women’s Bakery tackles these barriers while at the same time providing hands-on training, support and supervision that will lead to upward mobility and sustainability of improved circumstances.

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100% of graduates from the Women’s Bakery went on to further education, employment or renewed life purpose through volunteerism.

Using baking as a tool we foster employability and entrepreneurship and equip women with practical and transferrable skills for the working world.

The program consists of two phases: Participants start with three months of classes, including hands-on baking training, site visits, and guest speakers; followed by paid on-the-job placements setting 24 women up for improved income, health and housing. Part of the training also includes seasonal cookie sales at farmer’s markets and other locations across the city.

Want to apply? Volunteer? Or make a donation? Contact us at (416) 364-8986 or ets.info@fredvictor.org

The Women’s Bakery is funded in part by Scotiabank.

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