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Emergency Respite Centre

Emergency Respite Centre

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In response to this unprecedented need for emergency shelter, the City of Toronto is opening new temporary services. With our expertise in helping people who are experiencing homelessness and poverty, Fred Victor has been chosen to operate a 24-hour respite centre at 701 Fleet St.
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.

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In 2018, over 7,000 people were using Toronto’s emergency shelter system – an increase of nearly 60% from the previous year.

Emergency shelters like these offer a low-barrier refuge for vulnerable individuals who may not otherwise access conventional shelter services – and are one of the primary entry points to help people begin the process of finding and securing housing.

The sites are staffed 24/7, and provide a safe place to rest, get a meal, and find service referrals. Staff at the respite centre also engages with local residents, businesses, and social service organizations to establish and maintain positive relationships within the community.

Previously, Fred Victor has managed temporary sites that were located at the Better Living Centre and Lambton Arena. Read how we successfully opened an Emergency Respite during last winter’s record-low temperatures.

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