Looking for shelter, clothing, housing or food?
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Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for responding to our call for help. You just made someone’s life better – someone who doesn’t have a home, someone struggling to put a decent meal on the table, someone living on the edge.

Not having a home is awful. Having to carry all your belongings; having to spend all your energy on finding your next meal and a safe place to rest can be all consuming and leaves no time for personal care, job search, improving your circumstances.

Your gift helps change this. You’re helping people come in from the streets and face the months ahead with hope and determination.

Your gift puts blankets on beds, food on the table and staff at the door to welcome people in and offer a hand up.

Don’t for a second doubt that you are making a difference! Fred Victor is there for over 2,000 people every day because you stick by us. Thank you!

Woman smiling from her affordable housing unit at 145 queen Street East
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