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Income and Training

Income and Training

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1 in 5 adults in Toronto live in poverty. Without financial stability, it is extremely difficult for individuals and families to cover the rising cost of housing. This is why an integral component of Fred Victor’s work is to support people in finding meaningful and sustainable employment.

Through a variety of programs and services, we help people develop practical and transferable skills, establish networks, and connect to relevant resources and information. In addition to creating opportunities for hands-on training and work experience, we also strive to address individual issues that may act as a barrier to employment, including health and housing.

Our current employment-focused programs and services are:

Employment and Training
Fred Victor’s Employment and Training Services is a provincially-funded employment centre that engages people one-on-one so they can think through short-term and long-term career goals, train for their future, find work and keep it. In other words, we help people find work that works. Learn more.
Friends Catering
Friends Catering is a social purpose enterprise that empowers the lives of individuals who are experiencing poverty and homelessness by providing exceptional catering solutions in a variety of innovative ways. Friends Catering offers food services training, customer service training and delivery/serving experience as well as extra training to achieve a Food Handler’s certificate, CPR and First Aid. Learn more.
Women’s Bakery
This program provides a space for women who are seeking empowering training and employment opportunities. Alongside professional bakers and facilitators, the Women’s Bakery program tackles barriers to employment, such as lack of experience in the workforce and childcare challenges, while fostering employability and entrepreneurship. Learn more.
Culinary Skills Training
This pre-employment program is geared to low-income individuals in the downtown east who wish to professionalize their skills to work in Toronto’s food industry. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates are better able to pursue entry-level jobs in a professional kitchen, further their catering businesses or work as vendors in the food service sector. Learn more.
Keep Cool Initiative

Fred Victor is contracted by the City of Toronto each year to operate their Keep Cool initiative (formerly the Cooling Centres), which includes street outreach and the operation of 15 Cooling Centres this year.

Fred Victor began operating the original seven Cooling Centre in 2007 in collaboration with others many organizations. Through the collaboration, the Cooling Centres offered individuals who have experience of homeless or at-risk of homelessness a work opportunity to gain employment skills and a current employment opportunity to put on their resume. Many Fred Victor staff started their long journey with FV as Cooling Centre staff.

This year is our largest endeavour ever as we operate 15 Cooling Centres and conduct street outreach in the downtown core. This great initiative has given Employment and Training Services (ETS)  the opportunity to offer on-call paid employment to 105 individuals who have experience of homelessness or at-risk of homelessness. Learn more.

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