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Our shelters are more than just a place to sleep – they offer necessities such as laundry facilities and hygiene supplies to all who come through their doors. They also provide support related to health care, information and referral, housing access and advocacy.

Each year, more than 150 people staying in our shelters move on to improved living conditions after receiving housing help in our shelters.

Fred Victor has two emergency shelters that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both offer short-term beds for homeless and low-income people when all other housing options fail.

Bethlehem United Shelter

This 70-bed wheelchair accessible shelter at Caledonia Road and Lawrence Avenue is open to all genders, singles and couples. This shelter is a joint project between Fred Victor, Bethlehem United Church (Apostolic) and the City of Toronto.

While at the shelter, residents have the opportunity to meet with staff to draw up a plan of action so they can move forward. Case managers work one-on-one to help people fill in the necessary paperwork and forms in order to have access to healthcare, housing, employment and income supports.

Having a pet is often a barrier for people needing to find shelter or access services – and homeless people will very often choose to sleep on the streets with their pets, rather than go into a shelter without them. Fred Victor’s Bethlehem United Shelter is the only long-term shelter in Toronto that allows pets to accompany their owners.

Fatima House

Fatima House is a newly-renovated, accessible and pet-friendly shelter that will serve as a temporary home for up to 52 women (the current occupancy is reduced due to COVID-19 precautions). The shelter will offer meals, counselling and healthcare services, as well as housing support. Staff onsite will work with the women to help them move on to permanent, affordable housing.

Fatima House is a municipal shelter and receives City and provincial funding. The building is being leased to Fred Victor by the landlord for use as a shelter.

Hostel Redirect Program (HRD)

This long-standing and successful Fred Victor housing access program helps people staying in both of our shelters find permanent and affordable housing. As many as 150 shelter residents a year move on to better living situations, some of these having found permanent, stable housing through Hostel Redirect.

For addresses and contact info, please visit Locations.

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