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Housing Access and Support Services

Housing Access and Support Services

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Fred Victor’s Housing Access and Support Services is a program funded by the Province of Ontario. Our housing workers act as a bridge between people who are experiencing homelessness and a network of affordable housing sites and landlords.

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 Each year, Fred Victor’s Housing Access and Support Services help hundreds of people find and keep permanent housing.

They work with people in securing appropriate, affordable housing and will continue to offer support and guidance for at least one full year, so that the new tenants have the best possible chance of maintaining their new home.

We also partner with other agencies to provide specialized support programs:

  • Addictions Supportive Housing (ASH)
  • Streets to Homes (S2H) Follow-up Supports
  • Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Team (MDOT)
  • George Street Housing – Community Development

Addictions Supportive Housing (ASH)

Addiction Supportive Housing (ASH) is part of a city-wide program funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care through the Toronto Central LHIN. The program offers intensive, hands-on, practical support to newly-housed people with complex needs who have been living rough or in temporary settings such as acute in-patient beds, emergency detox beds, mental health units, infirmary programs and emergency shelters in Toronto. Two Fred Victor support workers help 16 people create a stable home for themselves by connecting them to health and social services and to resources within their neighbourhoods.

Streets to Homes (S2H) Follow-up Supports

A partnership with the City of Toronto’s Streets to Homes Program (S2H), our housing support workers follow up with people who have been living on the streets and are now housed through the Streets to Homes program. Workers offer support and information about community services, connect to landlords and work to reduce the causes of evictions.

Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Team (MDOT)

Also a Streets to Homes program, one Fred Victor housing support worker teams up with medical and psychiatric professionals to offer care to people with mental illness living on the street. They travel in a health services van to comb the City’s outdoor areas where people may be living rough as well as to indoor locations where people with severe mental health and addiction concerns need immediate care.

George Street Housing – Community Development

291 George Street is a five-storey apartment building in downtown Toronto owned by Toronto Community Housing. The majority of tenants are single men. Fred Victor provides a worker who assists tenants in maintaining their units and works to empower them and connect them to positive activities. Community development, enhanced on-site health intervention and increased safety protocols have vastly improved the living environment for all tenants. The George Street site is a partnership project with Toronto Central LHIN, HouseLink Community Homes, the Inner City Family Health Team and Fred Victor.

Post Incarceration Housing Access and Follow-up Program

Housing first supports for people who are homeless, have experience with the justice system and have mental health and/or addiction challenges.

Hostel Outreach Program (HOP)

Outreach and case management support for women with mental health challenges who are homeless or at risk. Assistance meeting basics needs, advocacy and referrals.

Hostels to Homes Follow-up Support

Housing Support Workers support people who have been living in the shelters for an extended period of time and are identified by the city of Toronto Shelter Services Division. They are provided with assistance in finding and maintaining permanent housing.

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