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Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction

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Harm Reduction is a realistic, public health approach to reducing the harmful physical and mental effects of prolonged substance use. Individuals learn to manage how and how much they use drugs and alcohol in order to minimize the negative impact on their health.

This involves in counselling, support groups, and educational workshops that help people get control of their lives even as they continue to use substances such as drugs and alcohol. You are open to receiving information and referral to other healthcare and services for your addiction.

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Nearly 4,000 Canadians died from apparent opioid overdoses in 2017.

Consumption and Treatment Services

Nearly 4,000 Canadians died from apparent opioid overdoses in 2017 – and it was the leading known cause of death among people experiencing homelessness in Toronto. In response to these alarming statistics, Fred Victor opened a Consumption and Treatment Services to support community members and prevent overdoses.

At this full-service harm reduction site, people who use injectable drugs can do so under the supervision of trained staff. It includes sterile injection supplies, education on overdose prevention, intervention health counselling and referrals to services such as drug treatment, housing and income support.

Research has shown that overdose prevention and supervised injection sites save lives – and do not lead to an increase in crime or new drug users.

Fred Victor clients use our health, housing and employment services already. The addition of a supervised injection site is one more health intervention to help reduce the rates of HIV and Hepatitis C infections, decrease overdoses, and increase contact with primary healthcare workers.

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