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Food Access – Daily Meal Program

Food Access – Daily Meal Program

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Every weekday, at our Moss Park and Regent Park locations, Fred Victor delivers hundreds of nutritious, dignified meals for our community. We serve over 200,000+ free and low-cost meals every year to people experiencing food insecurity in the downtown east.

Friends Restaurant located at 145 Queen Street East, serves two low-cost and nutritious meals for the community five days a week. Doors are open from 10am – 11:30am for brunch and from 4pm – 5:30pm for dinner.

Low-cost meals ($1.50 brunch, $2.50 dinner) are served in the same building as health services and housing. Each meal provides wholesome nutrition in an appealing way that encourages regular and good eating habits.

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Last year, we served over 200,000 free and low-cost meals to people experiencing food insecurity.

40 Oak Street in Regent Park serves free meals four days a week, with breakfasts on Monday – Friday and lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Meals here are prepared daily from scratch using fresh ingredients, locally sourced when possible, and are nutritious and well balanced. We use only halal meat as part of our commitment to the diverse community in Regent Park. Meals are served in our welcoming community hub where participants can also access housing supports, advocacy services, referrals, and drop-in programs.

The Food Access program is being supported in part by Penny Appeal Canada through a Cold Days Warm Hearts emergency food grant. 

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