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Food Security

Food Security

Every weekday, Friends Restaurant – located at 145 Queen Street East – serves two, low-cost and nutritious meals for the community. Doors are open from 10am – 11:30am for brunch; and from 4pm – 5:30pm for dinner.

Last year, 52,200 low cost meals were served by our Friends Restaurant.

The low-cost meals ($1.50 breakfast, $2.50 dinner) offered twice a day are located in the same building as health services and housing. More than 50,000 will be served at Friends Restaurant this coming year and each meal will provide wholesome nutrition in an appealing way that encourages regular and good eating habits.

In addition to providing healthy and affordable food to people experiencing homelessness and poverty, Friends Restaurant also acts as a training space. It is used for the Career Directions in Hospitality program offered by Fred Victor’s Employment and Training Services, and the commercial kitchen is used by Friends Catering and the Women’s Bakery.

Tenants, people who use City shelters and people who are dropping in off the streets call Friends Restaurant their home kitchen and build relationships with other patrons. Both restaurant and housing staff encourage interaction through games and social recreation such as Bingo, movie nights, outings and groups and by using the restaurant for cultural festivities such as Black History Month.