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Taste of Regent Park

Taste of Regent Park

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Join us at the Taste of Regent Park

Every Wednesday,

July 3rd – September 4th, 2024
5:00 – 8:00 pm Market
Sunset – Movie Under the Stars (not every week) check for dates – https://rpff.ca/

The vibrant weekly market features talented local artisans, craftspeople, community organizations, food vendors, and entertainers. In the heart of Regent Park, people come together in The Big Park (Dundas E & Sumach St.) to celebrate, share and enjoy delicious, healthy, affordable, and culturally diverse foods.

Introducing Taste of Regent Park Market Bucks 

This year at our market we are implementing a new way for community members to access subsidized food.  Rather than only being able to get subsidized food through the pay-what-you-can community meal, we are implementing a Market Bucks system where community members have increased choice in which food they want to eat.  We will not be having a community meal this year; community caterers have been encouraged to apply to be a food vendor this year. Without having the community meal as a competition, food vendors will be able to increase their sales each week, helping Fred Victor fulfill the goal of supporting entrepreneurs in the community. Food vendors will also be providing meal options, and not just finger snacks. Come out and support our 2024 Taste of Regen Park food vendors! 

How do Market Bucks work? 

A community member arrives at Taste of Regent Park and comes to Fred Victor’s Market Bucks table to purchase two Market Bucks, each with a value of $5. Market Bucks are a pay-what-you-can model with a minimum of $1 per Market Buck. So, let’s say this individual can only pay the minimum required of $1 for each Market Buck, they would only pay $2 for $10 of food value. The community member can then go to any participating food vendor and use these two Market Bucks to purchase items (i.e. either prepared food and drinks or produce from the produce booth). The food/produce vendors will have menu items that are of $5 or $10 value, and they will not provide change to a community member if the individual wants to purchase something that is less than $5. Food vendors are also still accepting cash as payment (for full price of items for sale).  The Market Bucks table will be able to accept payment by card or cash (for either subsidized Market Bucks or face value Market Bucks).   

Taste of Regent Park impact goals:

Stimulate social engagement and increase safety in Toronto’s downtown east: Social inclusion is a significant goal of the Regent Park Revitalization, and we are thrilled that Taste of Regent Park is an initiative that successfully achieves this key goal.

Increase good food access: We increase access to fresh, affordable, seasonal, culturally diverse and local produce – things that Regent Park residents can’t always find at affordable prices in grocery stores, such as fresh-picked Ontario strawberries or organic garlic and ginger.

Foster local employment and training opportunities: We provide a venue for local vendors, artists and performers to market and sell their goods.

What to expect:
• Unique cultural cuisine with pay-what-you-can market bucks
• Talented local vendors selling clothing, jewelry, art, crafts and food
• Entertainment
• Community Agency Information and Resources


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