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Donor Recognition 2017 - 2018

Fred Victor acknowledges the incredible support from its donors. Thank you for your support and trust.

$1000 – $4999

James Anderson
Mark Aston
David and Kathleen Black
Pamela Bryant
Judy Berroa-Campusano
Ian Carman
Anne Carruthers
Larry Chapman
Vincenta Cheng
Brian Cohen
Steven Cooke
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Coupal
Margaret Crisell
Michele Dale
D. Domelle
Thomas Duyck
John Dynes and Julie Weston
Dr. Paul Ellis
David Estabrooks
Benjamin Fawcett
William Fillmore
Hazel Forbes
Briar Foster
Wendy Franks
Frederick Gamrot
Julie Glick
Michael Griffiths
Frank and Pat Guenther
Jennifer Guerard
Gillian Hamilton
Bruce Hanson
Victor Hepburn
Mary Ann & Douglas Hicks
Andrea and Peter Horan
Deborah Howard
Douglas Howson
C.R. Hunter
Shirley Hutchinson
George and Donalda Kelk
Andreas Laupacis
John Lederer
Florin Letourneux
Janet Mason
Mr. Philip Maude
Martha Maznevski
Lori McLeod
Colleen Mitchell
Kenneth Moffatt
Stephen Neil
Linda Plumpton
P. Rajagopal
Nora Sanders
Katherine Serjeant
Brian Patrick Smith
Richard St. John
C. Stafford
Erica Teklits
The Toby Family
Felix Vlacic
Annette Warring
John Hamilton Watson
Grant Wedge
George & Helen Will
Cadillac Fairview Corp.
Crestview Investment Corporation
Estate Of Gertie Terry
Estate Of Gwendoline McCuaig
Estate Of Norma Audrey Dobbin
Freedom Support Services Inc.
Humphrey Funeral Home
Ingredion Canada Incorporated
J.S. Cheng & Partners Inc.
John & Marian Taylor Fund
at Toronto Foundation
Kearns Mancini Architects Inc.
Kingston Road United Church
Kingsway-Lambton U.C.W. (Etobicoke)
The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation
Knox United Church Benevolent
The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
Love Family Trust
Pilkington-Henninger Charitable Trust
Pip Robins Accessories
RLS Charitable Giving Fund
Sisters of Charity Common
Congregational Fund

The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust for Scottish and Canadian Charities
The K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation
The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
The Newall Family Foundation Trust
The Norman and Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation
The School Sisters of Notre Dame
The Sixty Three Foundation
The Toronto Star
United Church – Toronto Conference Mission Support
Anonymous Donors (8)

$5,000 – $9,999

Brian Borts
Douglas Cannon
John and Olive Carey
Martha Chan and Dan Couvrette
Deane and Judy Collinson
Edward & Elizabeth Richardson
Lis Wigmore and Chris Guthrie
Home Trust Company
Shoppers Drug Mart
Fairlawn Heights United Church
St. Enoch’s Fund – Toronto United
Church Council (TUCC)
Toronto Theosophical Society
Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto
CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish
Charitable Foundation
J. P. Bickell Foundation
Jimmy Devellano Children’s Foundation
The Kensington Foundation
The McLean Foundation
The Rotary Club of Toronto
Charitable Foundation
The United Church
of Canada Foundation
McLean Smits Family Foundation
Peter Gilgan Foundation
Ontario Realtors Foundation
Anonymous Donors (1)

$10,000 – $24,999

Robert Badun and
Justice Eileen Gillese
Jean Badun
Randolph Cousins
Alexander Danco
Lynn Francis and Mark Lecker
Karen Wolfe and Scott Lawrence
William Young
Bruce Blackadar Last Call Fund
(Toronto Foundation)
Catherine and Maxwell
Meighen Foundation
Comtech Group Inc.
E. W. Bickle Foundation
Sherry & Sean Bourne Family
Charitable Foundation
Estate of Dorothy Dilworth
Frederick and Douglas Dickson
Memorial Foundation
Grace’s Places Inc.
Ben and Hilda Katz Foundation
McCarthy Tetrault Foundation
Patrick Hodgson Family Foundation
Schachter Family Fund at Toronto
State Street Canada
Tippet Foundation
Winberg Foundation
Anonymous Donors (1)0 to $

$25,000 – $49,999

The Echo Foundation
Jon & Nancy Love (Toronto Foundation)
Kinross Gold Corporation
TD Bank Financial Group

$50,000 to $99,999

The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
United Way of Greater Toronto

$100,000 to $499,000

The Sprott Foundation
Anonymous Donors (1)

The United Church Council

For 125 years, the Toronto United Church Council has played a key role in supporting Fred Victor through its gift of land and financial contributions.

Government Funders

City of Toronto

City of Toronto
Shelter, Support and Housing Administration Division
Social Housing Unit
Streets to Homes
Hostel Services
Housing Stability Policy and Strategic Investments
Housing First Program
Toronto Employment & Social Services
Investing in Neighbourhoods

Province of Ontario

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Employment Ontario

Ministry of Community and Social Services
Ontario Works Pre-employment Training

Government of Canada

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
Homelessness Partnering Strategy

Government of Canada Logo