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External Stakeholder Complaint Policy

Fred Victor is committed to providing a timely, fair and respectful response and resolution to complaints from external stakeholders.


This policy is intended for individuals who are external to Fred Victor. This may include partners, donors, members of the local community and other external stakeholders.

This policy does not cover feedback and complaints by Fred Victor clients, customers, tenants, residents and service users, who should use Fred Victor’s Users of Service Feedback and Complaint Policy which is available at all Fred Victor locations. This policy also does not cover complaints from staff, who should use the grievance procedure outlined in the Collective Agreement. Read more…

Fred Victor Centre Privacy Policy

Fred Victor is a non-for profit , multi-service charitable organization that works to improve the health, income and housing stability of people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Fred Victor is committed to protecting the personal information of service users, employees, volunteers, members and donors, providing the necessary safeguards to secure that information and ensuring its accuracy.

This Privacy Policy applies to all activities of FVC involving the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Read more…

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