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Fred’s Walk Fundraiser Resources

So you want to fundraise for Fred’s Walk but don’t know how to get started? Check out the resources below to spark some creative ideas and build a plan to make your fundraising a success.

Steps to creating an engaging fundraiser

1. Decide if you will register as an individual or team fundraiser.

2. Next, register yourself or your team and complete your profile! You will need your fundraising page link before you can start any of the fundraising. Feel Free to email Carly ( if you need any support with this process.

3. Set a fundraising goal for yourself or your team, be courageous.

4. Put together a list of potential donors – this could be your neighbours, teammates, chess club friends, coworkers, anyone you know!

5. Send a personal email or make a personal phone call asking each of those on your list to make a donation to your fundraising page. Don’t be afraid to follow up, we all need a reminder once in a while.

6. Create a social media challenge to fundraise! What ways can you integrate your talents into a social media challenge that people would donate or pledge towards. To spark your imagination, some ideas are listed below.

Note: Please remember that most people are participating in #stayhome during the pandemic so ensure your challenge is compatible. Many people will be happy to interact with your challenge if they can participate from home.

Here are some social media challenge ideas:

  • Fitness challenge: “If I raise $X I will complete a 5K treadmill run”
  • Gaming challenge: “Two teams raise money as entrance to view a video game faceoff stream, between the two teams”
  • Social media dare: Have you ever said “You couldn’t pay me to wear that”? Tell people, if I raise over $x by X date, I will wear X to our next Zoom meeting! Or I will post a picture on my Instagram of me wearing X. For example, how much would your family pay to see you wearing a competitors NHL Jersey?

Note: Challenges that engage others to participate are larger reaching and offer increased opportunity for fundraising.

7. Create a selfie-video for your social media explaining why you are fundraising for Fred’s Walk. Make sure to link to your fundraising page so people can make a donation easily. You can find some additional tips for fundraising on social media at the bottom of this page.

8. Offer up your skills: Find a creative way to offer up your talents in exchange for donations. Offer up a painting by yourself for a certain sized donation, or craft you are particularly good at. Maybe even offer to serenade someone with a song. This can be done via social media or email.

9. Attend the Fred’s Virtual Walk on June 5th! Details will be sent to fundraisers on how to access this year’s virtual walk via email.

Expert Tips

  • Provide updates to your potential donors on the progress of your fundraising.
  • Make a “Call to Action” that you share with your fundraiser, for example, Donate to end homelessness in Toronto
  • Make donors aware of their impact by sharing facts about Fred Victor.
  • Make it easy to donate by offering a direct link to your donation page in everything you share with your potential donors.
  • If you feel comfortable, make your campaign a social media campaign and make sure to use our hashtag #FredsWalk2020 and tag us in your posts @FredVictorCentre on Instagram.
  • Use the resources that you are provided by Fred Victor in your Fundraising page
  • Make sure to thank your donors and share your gratitude.

Tips for Social Media

  • When you share your fundraising page with your potential donors on social media don’t forget to tag them.
  • Videos are the most engaging form for social media.
  • Add #FredsWalk2020 to all your posts and tag us @FredVictorCentre on Instagram.
  • Ensure all the details needed to donate are in your captions.