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LGBTQ2S+ Community and Homelessness

Toronto’s LGBTQ2S+ community is one of the most prominent demographics experiencing homelessness.

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Afro Canadian Woman Sitting Depressed

Women and Homelessness

Without a door to lock safely behind them, women are at great risk of physical, emotional and psychological harm.

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QR Codes Just Don’t Work For Everyone

QR codes were meant to add convenience and offer a no-contact way to interact. While they do make life easier for many, there is a big flaw when it comes to the thousands of people who are experiencing homelessness and poverty.

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A homeless woman is sitting outside

Everyday Myths About the Homeless – Debunked

The circumstances of homelessness are often misunderstood. It’s time we debunk the most common myths about homelessness.

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Homeless Woman Sitting on the street

8 Challenges Homeless Women Face Every Day

Homelessness definitely has a stereotype: a single, adult male asking for change on the city streets. However, women make up 27.3% of the overall homeless population in Canada. Here are […]

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