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National Housing Day 2023: Picture a Canada Where Everyone Has a Home

Today, on November 22nd, we acknowledge National Housing Day—an occasion that lies at the very core of our daily mission at Fred Victor. On November 22, 2000, National Housing Strategy […]

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Transformative Grant Fuels Innovative Food Security Pilot  

November 1, 2023 – Toronto, ON – Fred Victor is thrilled to announce a grant of $598,000 over three years from the Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security to pilot […]

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A drawer full of random items, junk drawer

The Junk Drawer: A Simple Luxury Beyond the Reach of Those Experiencing Homelessness

Though often messy and disorganized, the junk drawer serves as a subtle reminder of the stability and security that comes with having a home. But what about those who are experiencing homelessness?

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Donor Profile: Dave Brown Building Homes

Dave Brown, proprietor of Fearless Meat in the Beaches community of Toronto and long-time Fred Victor champion, knows what it is like to do without.

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A Caucasian father with two children at an amusement park

A Family Needs a Home

Once a thriving and gainfully employed father, Dave endured a world turned upside down when his spouse left, leaving him alone to care for their two children, one of whom has severe autism. Overwhelmed by the sole responsibility of providing stability and support for his family, Dave made the difficult decision to quit his job, plunging him into a world of uncertainty.

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