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Transforming Lives Through Housing: Stella’s Story

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After fleeing torture and violence in Nigeria, Stella arrived in Canada seeking solace and a fresh start. Arriving in Toronto, Stella found herself in the shelter system. It was hard. Shelters are often loud and chaotic places. Stella kept to herself and disconnected. She cried almost every day. Fortunately, Stella connected to Susan, a Fred Victor case manager.

“Right from that day I began to feel loved again. I felt that I could be open and trust and ask for the support that I needed.”

Susan’s unwavering support brought comfort and hope. Recognizing Stella’s need for independence, Susan worked tirelessly to help her. Within six months, Susan helped Stella secure accessible housing. Stella’s new home provided her not only with a roof over her head but also a renewed sense of dignity and independence, and a place where she could cook her own food, honouring her cultural heritage. But there was still work to do.

Stella is sitting happy on a bench at College Park

Susan knew that Stella needed more than a home in order to succeed here. She needed community. Susan helped connect Stella to the Nigerian community in Toronto. Stella found solace in attending Nigerian church services and shopping at African grocery stores, reestablishing her connection to her roots. And best of all, Susan connected Stella to a Nigerian family doctor who understood her unique health needs and ensured that she received the specialized care she needed.

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Connecting with Fred Victor is something I will never forget. That day I felt happy and once again I felt treated like a human being.

Stella now eagerly looks forward to the next chapter of her journey. She is in search of housing closer to her church and community, where she can continue rebuilding her life and foster connections that are important to her.

“I am very happy right now and I feel blessed. I don’t cry anymore. I appreciate everyone at Fred Victor.”

Stella’s story reminds us of the vital importance of helping people find safe and stable housing.

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