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Cale’s Journey to Home

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In September of 2022, Cale made his way to Fred Victor amidst a life filled with homelessness, addiction, and involvement with the criminal justice system. Cale carried the weight of clinical depression, ADHD, and a history of abuse. Forced to leave what family he had in the U.S., he returned to Canada with little to his name.

It’s not hard to see how he fell into a life of opiate usage and struggled to find employment. Fortunately, Fred Victor’s Safe Consumption Site provided a safe haven for Cale, connecting him with harm reduction staff, and ultimately leading him to Mark, his Mental Health & Justice Worker.

Initially reserved, Cale worked through his challenges together with Mark as his patient nature became evident. They formed a deep connection while spending a lot of time together waiting for virtual court sessions. Mark took time to learn about Cale’s family, and Cale’s passion for biking, drawing, and video games.

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Despite his hardships, Cale’s appreciation for life shone through. Eventually, he was diverted to the Justice Centre, allowing his worker to collaborate with the team to set things in motion for him. Through Fred Victor’s assistance, Cale obtained his ID, submitted his taxes, and applied to the Transitional Housing Program.

With the combined efforts of the Safe Consumption Site team, the Drop-in staff, and Mark, Cale found a home at Fred Victor’s Transitional Housing. The moment the staff showed him his room, his face lit up like a firecracker, as he envisaged setting up a TV, playing video games, and enjoying his own space. Cale’s story serves as a reminder that with a safe stable place to call home so much is possible.

Cale’s journey to housing is just one of many examples of how Fred Victor provides a meaningful impact on people who are experiencing homelessness and battling complex challenges. With the support of Harm Reduction, Cale is now considering treatment and managing his addiction. Cale has a roof over his head and is more connected to community resources than ever before. Furthermore, all the charges against him have been withdrawn.

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