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Donor Profile: Dave Brown Building Homes

Dave Brown, proprietor of Fearless Meat in the Beaches community of Toronto and long-time Fred Victor champion, knows what it is like to do without.

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A Caucasian father with two children at an amusement park

A Family Needs a Home

Once a thriving and gainfully employed father, Dave endured a world turned upside down when his spouse left, leaving him alone to care for their two children, one of whom has severe autism. Overwhelmed by the sole responsibility of providing stability and support for his family, Dave made the difficult decision to quit his job, plunging him into a world of uncertainty.

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Close up of a black middle aged man siting in front of a building

Cale’s Journey to Home

With the combined efforts of the Safe Consumption Site team, the Drop-in staff, Cale found a home at Fred Victor’s Transitional Housing. Cale’s journey to housing is just one of many examples of how Fred Victor provides a meaningful impact on people who are experiencing homelessness and battling complex challenges.

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Stella is sitting happy on a bench at College Park

Transforming Lives Through Housing: Stella’s Story

Discover Stella’s journey of resilience and hope as she finds solace and support through Fred Victor. After fleeing violence in Nigeria, Stella found herself in Toronto’s shelter system, feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. With the help of a compassionate Fred Victor case manager, she began to rebuild her life. Follow Stella’s inspiring story of transformation and the power of connection.

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The Power of Food in Building Community: How Taste of Regent Park Brings People Together

Food has always held the power to unite people and create a sense of belonging. In the heart of Regent Park, a vibrant community in Toronto’s downtown east, the Taste of Regent Park by Fred Victor takes this power to a new level. Every Wednesday, from July 5th to September 6th, 2023, this weekly market brings together talented local artisans, craftspeople, community organizations, food vendors, caterers, and entertainers.

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