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Missing Events? Then Fred’s Virtual Walk is Perfect For You!

Along with the many challenges that COVID-19 has presented us with, one thing that people miss is simply going out to events. Many feel as though they are missing out on opportunities to participate in something social and be a part of the community. That’s why we’re so excited that our annual Fred’s Walk is still on for Friday, June 5, 2020 – except it will be a completely virtual experience!

At Fred Victor, we know the importance of raising awareness around homelessness in our city – nevertheless, we also value the safety and wellbeing of our supporters. Fred’s Walk is your chance to attend the first virtual walkathon to support people who are homeless, and learn about homelessness and poverty in Toronto.

Join us for a guided tour of 6 Fred Victor locations and get an insider’s look into day-to-day life on the frontlines of the homelessness crisis – from the comfort of your home.

Although Fred’s Walk may look a little different this year, our goal is still the same: to raise money and awareness to support the most vulnerable people in Toronto, all while having fun within our community! Fred’s Walk’s new virtual platform also comes with the opportunity for more creativity and more participation on a global scale. With Fred’s Walk now online, participants have the opportunity to reach out to friends and family in any part of the world.

Freds Walk Participants

Signing up for Fred’s Walk is easy. Just visit the Fred’s Walk webpage here to register for the virtual event on June 5th, set up a team, and start fundraising!

During these challenging times, we need to remember that people experiencing poverty and homelessness are especially vulnerable. On June 5th, join us online for Fred’s Walk and do something to help people who are homeless in Toronto.