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Help Homeless During COVID-19 Outbreak

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we need to recognize that people experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable to the spread of the virus. A lack of proper nutrition, compromised immune system, and chronic health conditions put homeless people at a greater risk.

When you are homeless, you have limited access to clean facilities and don’t have opportunities to wash your hands numerous times a day. If infected, you don’t have a home and can’t go into self-isolation.

People experiencing poverty and homelessness are extremely vulnerable.

They have no means to “stock up” on extra food, toilet paper and medications. Many have no choice but to access crowded and busy food banks, soup kitchens and community meals.

Many people who are living in poverty won’t have the luxury of “working from home” or a paid sick day, and low-income families will undoubtedly be hit hard by the loss of work and the closing of schools and childcare centres.

Poor mother and daughter with bread sitting on stairs outdoors

People experiencing poverty and homelessness in Toronto need you now more than ever.

We rely on people like you to stand with us during difficult times like these. Please make a donation today.

An elderly homeless woman with a cup of soup

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