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AGM 2016 at Fred Victor

Date June 23, 2016 Author Categories What's Up At FV

 people who came to the AGM at Fred Victor
On Thursday, June 16, Fred Victor community members, members of the Board of Directors, staff and supporters met for our Annual General Meeting.

Our past year at Fred Victor has been a really good year.  A big year.  A bold year.

Outgoing Board Members Jim Anderson and Leslie Gash were paid tribute and thanked for their significant contributions and onboarding members  Annette Warring and Deane Collinson were welcomed.

A year ago, Community Resources Connections of Toronto integrated with Fred Victor. So, the past year has seen the addition of 10 excellent community-based mental health programs.  Three women's programs were opened, as well, through partnerships with the City of Toronto.

AGMs at Fred Victor have always been small celebrations. We decorate with a few bright flowers and balloons.  It’s routinely the third Thursday of June each year so most of us feel pretty cheerful about the warmer weather and the soothing green leaves that have emerged over the past month.  That adds to the upbeat spirit of the event, too.

The refreshments were just excellent this year thanks to Friends Catering. They went all out.

Thank you to all our friends and supporters who made a special trip downtown to attend the meeting. We love meeting you!

greeters at the welcome table   fantastic food from Friends Catering
 salads in little boxes board members and exective director at the meeting 






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