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Gift from Manor Road United Church

Date April 26, 2016 Author Categories What's Up At FV

Manor Road United Church congregation
Fred Victor's Carol Watson (centre) receives $5,000 from Manor Road United Church congregation.

Fred Victor was so delighted to receive a generous gift of $5,000 from Manor Road United Church at the beautiful Sunday morning service on April 24th.  The funds came available through the sale of a portion of the church property to the City of Toronto.  The congregation decided to donate a portion of the proceeds of sale back into to the community.  They gathered ideas from members of the congregation and voted to decide where the money should go. Manor Road United Church Women put forward Fred Victor’s name because of their long association with our organization.

Happily, once the old church hall is taken down, the City will turn the land underneath it into a green/park space — and this in a part of our City where there has been little access to green. The 90-year-old original church building will benefit as well and receive some much-needed renovations.

Fred Victor will use the funds to support Housing and Community Services at our historic 145 Queen Street East site.  Thank you so very much Manor Road United Church for thinking of us, and continuing to see and support people living in poverty in our City.

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