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Reflecting on Giving

Date January 5, 2016 Author Categories What's Up At FV

clip art of elf with arms open inside heart

Elves on a Mission began in fall 2013 after a conversation with my teenage daughter. At 13 with Christmas approaching, she was focussed on what she would be able to do, what she would be given as a gift, how many gifts she would get and how soon she would be able to unwrap them.   As with many teens, the Christmas season had become all about her.   I decided at that moment that I needed to turn things around, and fast. I did not want my daughter growing up as part of the “me society”.”

This is the story of Kim McCutcheon and her daughter and their three years of gathering winter coats and blankets to donate to Fred Victor’s Housing and Community Services site at 145 Queen Street East. Kim sets out to create some new family traditions around Christmas and she isn’t always sure how her daughter will feel. But, after the first year, Kim says, “As we drove home from the shelter after our delivery, my daughter was abnormally quiet. I asked what she was thinking and she teared up. I had no idea how she would react to the change of plans for HER Christmas Eve, but she tearfully told me then that this particular Christmas Eve was the “best one ever!”“

This past Christmas 2015 was the third year Kim and her daughter gathered donations. Other people joined them in collecting coats and blankets. “One young girl got her school involved, our neighbours contributed, and our friends had been saving all year, waiting for the right time to donate… This year, we had two full SUV’s and when we pulled up on Christmas Eve with our red Santa sacks, everyone outside came to help us unload.   We were greeted with smiles and hugs and Merry Christmases all around! Our drop-offs only take a few minutes, but in those moments, Christmas means more to us than it ever has. We go home with warmth in our hearts having left warmth to those who need it most.”

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