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Meow and Meeeow

Date September 9, 2015 Author Categories What's Up At FV

cats Gems and Sparkles

Meow! And Meeeow!!  We’re Gems and Sparkles and we don’t speak “human” very well, but we’ll twitch our tails and try. We want you to know about this meowvellous event on Saturday, September 26 at Fred Victor’s Bethlehem United Shelter on Caledonia Road just north of Lawrence Avenue.  We know where it is because Kathleen brought us here when she lost her home and had to find an emergency shelter to stay in.

Walter Kuberski from Rescue OP, Sheena Snow and Jessica Carroll from Streetz 2 Treatz and Jocelyn Spears from Spears & Shears are hosting the event and they’ve promised food for everyone.  Did we say food for everyone?  That’s our owners, too!!  Kathleen and all the people staying at the shelter can look forward to lunch.

We heard about a storage room at the shelter where all the cupboards are bare.  So the event is to get donations of food, toys, grooming things (Gems likes the comb that’s quite prickly but I (Sparkles) am more sensitive and prefer something a little blunter) and anything else you can think of that we might like. You can come right here to the shelter at 1161 Caledonia Road (just north of Lawrence Avenue on the east side of Caledonia Road) to drop off your donation or you can contact one of the really nice people who work at Fred Victor. Just call 416-364-8228 ext.1384.

Walter has also started a crowdfunding campaign. The money raised will be used to buy pet food (including the dogs… oh boy… some of them eat a lot and are noisy eaters compared to us cats). Here’s the link again

If we cats could cheer and say hurray, we’d sound like this… “Meo-wow-wow-owow!”


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