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Including Seniors

Date June 24, 2015 Author fredv Categories What's Up At FV

Among the many incredible programs Fred Victor gained when Community Resource Connections Toronto integrated with us on April 1, 2015 was a four-year old, weekly outreach program to seniors in St. James Town.  Leslie Morris, one of the workers involved in the program says, “It is really obvious to me that our seniors are a lost generation. They have no family, no supports, are not connected to the community and if they are lucky they receive limited supports but never have the opportunity to play a meaningful role in society.” 

But, on Wednesday, June 10th, that hard reality was smashed with a transformative day in which seniors got involved in a Habitat Day.  It was a wonderful opportunity for seniors to see themselves differently, as people who had something to offer.  Leslie had introduced them to the idea of getting involved in a Habitat for Humanity day during one of the weekly outreach meetings. After that day, the senior participants had the option of returning to Habitat independently or returning as a group. The group unanimously decided they would like to return on a regular basis (possibly once a term) to volunteer in the store.  There was a 92-year-old woman among them who was a keen and determined worker.

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