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Fred's Feet are Warming Up

Date February 5, 2015 Author Mantis System Categories What's Up At FV

Terri Smith and Lori Germain with sock donation

The Just Socks Foundation headed by Terry Smith (left) is a new charity in Canada.  The piece on CBC radio and television about people on the street, the need for socks and the short supply of new socks motivated her to do something about it.  The Foundation receives financial donations and purchases large quantities of socks from McGregor Socks at a preferred rate.  They also connect with donors who wish to make in-kind donations of socks and help them connect with shelters and drop-ins who distribute the socks to people who need them.

Lori Germain (right) is a Mom and also heard CBC’s report on the need for socks on the street.  She talked to her nine-year-old daughter and they decided to create a sock campaign at her school.  Her daughter simply went to classrooms at school to talk about the campaign and to collect socks as they were brought in by the students.

Lori Germain and Terri Smith unloading socks in snow

With Lori’s “we can do this” attitude, she also sent an email around to her neighbours and put a box outside her own front door for sock drop-offs.  The result?  Three hundred pairs of excellent quality socks walked into big plastic storage boxes, many of them special winter wear with wool. Thank you so much, Lori!  Lori found Terry on the internet and Terry suggested Fred Victor be the recipient.

We’re now distributing the socks to our programs and already the two programs that were in most urgent need have a month’s supply.  The Women’s Drop-in received 48 pairs, and the emergency shelter on Caledonia Road received 60 pairs.  We’re so grateful to Terry Smith and the Just Socks Foundation, and to Lori Germain, Bayview Glen Private School and the St. Andrew’s neighbourhood for seeing a significant need in our community and stepping up to do something about it.  Gratitude to you all!




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