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Our 120th Annual General Meeting

Date June 23, 2014 Author Mantis System Categories What's Up At FV

Executive Director and Chair of the BoardFred Victor was established as a mission in 1894, 15 years after Toronto’s first telephone book was published.  So, 120 years ago, when Fred Victor’s work year was reviewed and celebrated at an annual general meeting, we can imagine that it was pulled together with women typing agendas  and minutes on manual typewriters and a few businesslike phone calls in advance.  Early financial records show numbers neatly handwritten on special lined paper.

Information technology lets us find and record vast amounts of information very quickly.  During our annual general meeting on Thursday, a digital camera easily snapped photos of the event, and someone in the room interrupted the meeting — very briefly and with great humour — to let us all know what her iPhone had to say about the soccer score in Brazil.  We handed out photocopied agendas and a colourful hot-off-the press Annual Report.  But, apart from that, the meeting was a well-organized business meeting followed by lots of homegrown presentations. Perhaps, things haven’t changed SO much.

(Above) Executive Director Mark Aston and Chair of the Board of Directors Pamela Taylor 

Here are the key news points from the meeting on June 19, 2014:

  • There is one outgoing board member, Susan Golets, (THANK YOU!!) and a new incoming member, John Dynes from JC Clark who is already a key member of our Financial Advisory Committee.

  • A Service User Advisory Group has been formed so there will be good input from our community across the organization at the Board and program level.

butterfly dance by Chinese womenA group of beautifully costumed women from the Women’s Day Program performed The Butterfly Dance and were loudly applauded.

  • There was a short video celebrating 120 years of Fred Victor helping people find place and purpose showcasing historical footage and photos of staff and community past and present.

  • The 120th Anniversary Tree project was unveiled. Each Fred Victor site will create a tree trunk and branches, and community, staff and volunteers will create leaves for their trees. Each person will write on the leaf saying what they appreciate about Fred Victor. Already, you will see a free-standing cardboard tree with leaves at the Fred Victor Administrative office. One of the leaves reads: “Fred Victor rocks! Thanks for making our City and the lives of our citizens better!”

  • Friends Catering created some delicious appetizers and everyone stayed til very late chatting, enjoying a unique AGM dessert and toasting to another excellent year of Fred Victor’s good work.
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