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Transition to Housing for Women

Date January 14, 2015 Author Mantis System Categories What's Up At FV

Here’s a good piece by Joe Fiorito in the Toronto Star about the houses on Dundas Street East that will become a transition to housing for women who have been homeless for less than a year.  Fred Victor will manage this transitional housing when the renovation is complete.  The idea is to help women move swiftly from the Dundas location into permanent housing so their health and capacity is not eroded by the trauma of living on the streets longterm.

The program is a partnership between Fred Victor and David Brown, who is the generous landlord and developer of the project.  In partnering with Fred Victor, and with Fred Victor’s support from the City, Brown is forging a new approach that demonstrates that the right funding mix and partners — where there is capital, operational funding, and support to making the housing affordable — landlords can get involved in building housing.  And that’s what we need.  Lots of it!

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