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The Heartwood Circle is Fred Victor’s new, leadership giving circle made up of especially generous supporters. It’s called the Heartwood Circle because Heartwood is the core ring of wood at the centre of a living tree trunk that permits the tree to grow large and stand by itself. 

Members of the Heartwood Circle donate $1,000 or more in one year. This helps ensure Fred Victor can push forward in concrete and clear ways to end homelessness in Toronto. Through fine-tuned programs, people move out of the trauma of homelessness, the street, and emergency shelters to transitional and supportive housing, as well as permanent affordable homes. People who are homeless need a home. It’s that simple. 

As members of the Heartwood Circle, you are both taking financial leadership and demonstrating that you stand with people who are homeless in in our wealthy city. And by your example of support, you tell others you believe we can significantly reduce, or even end homelessness in Toronto in the next 10 years.picture of Frank O'Dea

Please join Frank O’Dea, our patron of the circle, and become a member. We will send you a welcome package in the mail immediately after we receive your gift. You can make your donation on-line, or by contacting Jane Truemner at Or you can do it person to person by picking up the phone and calling Jane (416) 364-8228 ext. 1341. 

The Heartwood Circle, this circle of core strength and heart, needs you. Your city needs you. And most importantly, the people who have fallen into poverty and homelessness need you.



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