Corporate Volunteer Opportunities for Your Team

Our Corporate volunteer program is an opportunity for your organization to gain a deeper understanding of some of the critical issues facing Toronto, while making a difference in your community. Hands-on volunteer opportunities in a wide range of service areas are available, offering unique team building and leadership opportunities for both small and large groups.

Cheerfull volunteers from InFlow Inventory volunteering at Fred Victor

Why volunteer as a Corporate Team at Fred Victor? 

It is a fun and meaningful way for your team to learn the facts and myths about the homelessness in our City and understand the vital community work that helps people rebuild their lives. Teams will leave feeling that they experienced something important and enriching. 

''The staff at Fred Victor helped us put together a plan to revitalize the community backyard at one of their sites. The yard was overgrown with weeds and the lawn chairs had worn out at the seats. By the end of the day, we shared our progress with the tenants by inviting them to have a picnic with burgers made on a brand new barbecue.'' InFlow Inventory Team Building Day at the Dawes Rd. Family Housing

''It was a great experience hosting a brunch at Fred Victor with our GE Capital Team. We learned so much about working in a kitchen, met some wonderful people and learned first-hand about the work they do to help the homeless community. I would recommend volunteering in the Restaurant to other groups wanting to make a difference!” GE Captial Team Building Day at the Friends restaurant

Check out what a team building day at Fred Victor is like: 

Interested in volunteering? Get in touch!

Katy Scherer
Coordinator, Volunteers & Events
59 Adelaide Street East, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario  M5C 1K6

Phone: 416-364-8228 ext. 1384




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