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Three P's Newsletters

Our bi-annual newsletter offers information and insight into our programs, staff, volunteers, donors and our community members. Every spring and fall, read about the work we do and the people we assist.

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Fall 2016

Special Summer edition 2016

Spring 2016
Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Fall 2014
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Annual Reports

For 122 years, we’ve been helping people find place and purpose. Our most recent and past annual reports illustrate our commitment to deliver on our promise to improve the health, income and housing stabilty of people experiencing homelessness and/or poverty in Toronto.

2015-2016 annual report and poster

2014 -2015 annual report

2013-2014 annual report

CRCT 2012-2103 annual report

2012-2013 annual report

2011-2012 annual report

2010-2011 annual report

2009-2010 annual report

Financial Statements

At Fred Victor, we are committed to transparency and accountability. We take pride in responsibly managing every dollar we receive. Our most recent and past financial statements indicate where all of our funds come from and how they’re used.

2015-2016 financial statements

2014 -2015 financial statements

2013-2014 financial statements

2012-2013 financial statements

2011-2012 financial statements

2010-2011 financial statements

2009-2010 financial statements

Registered Charity Information Return.

Our Charitable Registration Number is: 118931377RR0001


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